Philip James Seth

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Philip James Seth has a BA in Painting and Drawing from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a Certified Movement Analyst in the Laban system of movement observation and description. He has a background in dance having performed in Modern and Classical works from 1980-1994. From 1984-1994 he was on the part-time faculty of the Hongkong Academy of Performing Arts.

In addition to being a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Certified trainer since 2003, and Level 2 GYROTONIC® in 2006. Philip has also completed the GYROTONIC® for Golf Specialized Course, Hip Replacement Specialized Course and The Shoulder Girdle Specialized Course. Philip is on a continual journey of exploration of the workings of the human body. This journey has led him to GYROTONIC® methodology and GYROKINESIS® methodology. He hopes to bring to his clients an appreciation of the potential of their lives through the medium of movement. He may be reached at pjseth@me.com or by phone or text on +1 (604) 831-0352.