Mary Grenier

Mary believes that all bodies crave mobility and alignment and that GYROTONIC® can help us be Agile and Happy in our future, whatever our age.

Mary’s first love of movement came through competitive swimming.

After establishing a career in Health Care, Mary undertook post graduate studies to further explore her love of movement and became a Member of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety Professionals. In this role, she assessed the effects of stress caused by our technological age both at work and home; the sedentary, hunched body positions that increase the effects of gravity and compression on bodies as we age. She advised on ergonomic and kinetic changes to movement patterns and created exercise programs for both preventative and restorative purposes.

Mary has studied Iyengar Yoga and commenced her Pilates practice in 2000. She became a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2005 - the same year she started taking GYROTONIC® classes.

It was within her GYROTONIC® practice that she witnessed firsthand the unique benefits that the method brought to her as she aged. Determined to create an opportunity to share her experience, Mary committed to undertaking the training regimen and is now a Certified Instructor in the GYROTONIC® Method.

Mary is committed to helping and guiding people explore their own journey with GYROTONIC® and its unique ability to cultivate mobile, aligned and healthy bodies.

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