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The body never lies.
Speak its truth, discover GYROTONIC®, the Art of Exercise


Training options

Training options


GYROTONIC® is a unique movement methodology that enables simultaneous stretching and strengthening of the whole body at any age, physical ability or limitation. The use of specialized equipment maximizes freedom of movement while reenforcing the body's musculature as well as stimulating the nervous system. With GYROTONIC® balance, strength and flexibility are highly improved with an energetic connection to the body's core.


GYROKINESIS® is an original movement technique with benefits and qualities similar to Yoga, Tai Chi and classical dance. By opening energetic pathways and increasing the body's range of movement, GYROKINESIS® combines flowing movement sequences with functional strength building repetition utilizing a stool and yoga mat. Small group or private sessions are accessible to all ages and physical ability.


This specialized equipment further develops the principles of GYROKINESIS®. Exercises are composed of full body, functional movement patterns, performed in a variety of positions from standing and sitting to lying and kneeling, all improving flexibility, coordination and core strength. The ergonomic gliding platform allows users of all physical capability to experience running and jumping in a low impact, horizontal plane with the spine and pelvis fully supported making it ideal for preventative or post injury training.


Purpose: To provide a foundational understanding of Level 1 GYROTONIC®. During this course students focus on gaining experience, and developing a personal understanding of the concepts and exercise sequences of the GYROTONIC® Method.

Prerequisites:  A basic understanding of Level 1 Gyrotonic. Students should take a minimum of ten or more classes with a Certified Gyrotonic Trainer before registering for the Pre-Training Course.

Where: ONDA intelligent fitness Studio, 708 West 16th Ave. at Heather St.

When: held over a two week period, maximum of 30hrs.

Cost: $1120.00CAN +5%GST   $30.00 per day Studio fee

GYROTONIC® LEVEL 1 PRE-TRAINING COURSE will be offered early Spring 2018.
For more information please contact Cornelius at corncredo@gmail.com



GYROTONIC session rates:

single private session — $80

independent session — $25

duets — $50 per person

trios — $35 per person

quartets — $25 per person


GYROKINESIS session rates:

$25 per 1 hour drop in session

Sessions can be of any duration and will be charged at a pro-rated basis.
Financing available : call to discuss.





ONDA intelligent fitness studio

708 West 16th Avenue,
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1S7

Bowen Island

ONDA intelligent fitness studio

595A Artisan Lane,
Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G0




"With a profound understanding of the body and a comprehensive foundation in the GYROTONIC® Method, Cornelius guides me through exercises that systematically and safely align my spine while stretching and strengthening my muscles. Gone are the aches and pains of an old injury. I’m becoming increasingly flexible and stronger. According to my doctor I’m ½ inch taller than I was a year ago!"

- Laura Friesan


"I am happy to confirm that the GYROTONIC® treatment and exercises Cornelius has afforded me for almost a full year by now have worked wonders. My serious pain and shoulder immobility is virtually gone and my overall body and muscular strength has much improved. Thank you for your help and please feel free to use my name for reference as to your performance and very pleasant personality."

- Wolfgang Duntz   


"As someone who has been practicing and teaching Pilates for years, I have learned to dissect and refine my body's alignment and initiation of movement. GYROTONIC® Method has challenged that precision with a larger range of motion, especially spiralling action. Together the specificity of Pilates and the expansiveness of GYROTONIC® Method offers an ideal training tool for high-end athletes and dancers."

- Gail Lotenburg, pilates trainer


"Starting gyrotonic with Cornelius was like discovering the elixir of youth. I found myself moving my body in ways I had forgotten were possible. Curving, twisting, moving on the diagonals, lengthening and strengthening on the specially designed machines, I have found GYROTONIC® interesting for my brain as well as my body. Cornelius’ long experience enables him to adapt the program to the specific needs of his clients and his gentle sense of humour and melodious voice almost makes you forget how hard you are working!"   

- Nicola Aimé



Contact us


corncredo@gmail.com 778-828-8176

Contact us


corncredo@gmail.com 778-828-8176


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Cornelius Fischer-Credo — the owner of the studio

Cornelius Fischer-Credo

Cornelius brings a wealth of experience and technical training to his practice, serving the transmission of the GYROTONIC® system to a diverse range of ages and abilities. With a 30 year international dance career as a performer, choreographer and teacher, his understanding of the human body is based in a profound and compassionate reality. For Cornelius GYROTONIC® is a philosophy of physical training that brings to the individual a highly refined level of awareness in body, mind and spirit through which one can experience grace, vitality and the joy of physical well being.
Certified in the year 2001 with GYROTONIC® creator Juliu Horvath, Cornelius' training in the Method involved extensive study with Master Trainer Magali Messac in Seattle. In 2001 he opened Vancouver's first GYROTONIC® studio, 'G Space' in collaboration with Kathleen McDonagh. In 2003 Cornelius moved to Florence Italy where he operated a highly successful GYROTONIC® studio until his resent return to Vancouver. In 2007 he was also certified as a GYROKINESIS® instructor and Pre-trainer in GYROTONIC®.

Joelle Arnusch — certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer.

Joelle Arnusch — currently on leave

Joelle is a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer. She trained under Master Trainer Naoko Moriyama Robbins in New York and also had the honour of studying under the creator of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Juliu Horvath.

Joelle is thrilled to share her passion for this movement system that combines mobility, strength, flexibility, power and breath like no other. It is this form that has helped her heal from chronic injury and strain, allowing her to move freely in her body.

Joelle gets immense gratification from witnessing the pain release and newfound freedom her clients experience. This practice has a dynamic effect on the functionality of the whole body.

Joelle is also a professional dancer and a graduate of the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre. She has had the pleasure of dancing for many companies and choreographers throughout Canada, the U.S and Asia.

To book an appointment contact Joelle directly by e-mailing her at joellearnusch@gmail.com

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Patricia Kim

Patricia is a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer and Pre-Trainer. She was first introduced to GYROKINESIS® in 2007 at MainDance where she graduated from the Contemporary Dance teacher training program. In 2009, she certified as a Pilates Mat instructor. Patricia began her GYROTONIC® teacher training in 2010 and GYROKINESIS® the following year. She has studied with Gyrotonic Expansion System® creator Juliu Horvath. In 2016, Patricia certified as a Vinyasa Yoga instructor. She draws from her varied background to offer a holistic safe approach to movement. It brings Patricia immense joy to support others feel at home in their bodies.

To book an appointment contact Patricia directly by e-mailing her at patriciakimbodymind@gmail.com or by phone or text at (604) 537-8194.


Mary Grenier

Mary believes that all bodies crave mobility and alignment and that GYROTONIC® can help us be Agile and Happy in our future, whatever our age.

Mary’s first love of movement came through competitive swimming.

After establishing a career in Health Care, Mary undertook post graduate studies to further explore her love of movement and became a Member of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety Professionals. In this role, she assessed the effects of stress caused by our technological age both at work and home; the sedentary, hunched body positions that increase the effects of gravity and compression on bodies as we age. She advised on ergonomic and kinetic changes to movement patterns and created exercise programs for both preventative and restorative purposes.

Mary has studied Iyengar Yoga and commenced her Pilates practice in 2000. She became a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2005 - the same year she started taking GYROTONIC® classes.

It was within her GYROTONIC® practice that she witnessed firsthand the unique benefits that the method brought to her as she aged. Determined to create an opportunity to share her experience, Mary committed to undertaking the training regimen and is now a Certified Instructor in the GYROTONIC® Method.

Mary is committed to helping and guiding people explore their own journey with GYROTONIC® and its unique ability to cultivate mobile, aligned and healthy bodies.

Contact Mary: agilehappyaging@gmail.com


Maria Marlow

Maria Marlow was born with the fortune/misfortune of club feet and scoliosis. Misfortune because of multiple surgeries, unattractive corrective shoes, and always being picked last for the sports teams in grade school. Fortune, because her personal knowledge and understanding of living in a structurally challenged body, gives her a greater appreciation of physical accomplishments, and a sharp, empathetic eye for her client’s issues.

As well as being certified in the GYROTONIC® method, Maria is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a CPFA certified Pole Fitness Instructor. Maria spent 8 years assisting Louie Ettling of The Yoga Space, in her class for students with special conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and scoliosis. She also participated in their 3 month study of the effects of Iyengar Yoga on breast cancer survivors.

Maria takes a multi-disciplinary approach to her teaching, but believes that the GYROTONIC® method is the perfect antidote to the postural challenges of aging in the 21st century. As Maria tells her friends, “I probably won’t be doing pole fitness at 90, but I definitely will be doing Gyro!”
You can contact Maria at: mariamarlow08@gmail.com


Philip James Seth

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Philip James Seth has a BA in Painting and Drawing from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a Certified Movement Analyst in the Laban system of movement observation and description. He has a background in dance having performed in Modern and Classical works from 1980-1994. From 1984-1994 he was on the part-time faculty of the Hongkong Academy of Performing Arts.

In addition to being a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Certified trainer since 2003, and Level 2 GYROTONIC® in 2006. Philip has also completed the GYROTONIC® for Golf Specialized Course, Hip Replacement Specialized Course and The Shoulder Girdle Specialized Course. Philip is on a continual journey of exploration of the workings of the human body. This journey has led him to GYROTONIC® methodology and GYROKINESIS® methodology. He hopes to bring to his clients an appreciation of the potential of their lives through the medium of movement. He may be reached at pjseth@me.com or by phone or text on +1 (604) 831-0352.

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Originally from Italy, Dario completed his training as a ballet dancer.

Currently working as a contemporary performer in dance, dance-theater and circus, Dario has the opportunity to connect and interact with artists coming from different cultures. Each one of them has deeply influenced his understanding of movement and inspired Dario (since 2007) to cultivate and develop his own choreographic language.

While performing and continuing his artistic development, Dario starts to work in 2010 as a Ballet teacher and coach on a national and international level.

In 2018 committed to share his passion for movement and willing to help anybody to develop a better relationship with their own body, he starts to teach GYROTONIC® in the Vancouver’s community at the “ONDA” studio.

Dario’s mission is to encourage everyone’s potential.

You can contact Dario at: dariodinuzzi@gmail.com