Cornelius Fischer-Credo

Cornelius brings a wealth of experience and technical training to his practice, serving the transmission of the GYROTONIC® system to a diverse range of ages and abilities. With a 30 year international dance career as a performer, choreographer and teacher, his understanding of the human body is based in a profound and compassionate reality. For Cornelius GYROTONIC® is a philosophy of physical training that brings to the individual a highly refined level of awareness in body, mind and spirit through which one can experience grace, vitality and the joy of physical well being.
Certified in the year 2001 with GYROTONIC® creator Juliu Horvath, Cornelius' training in the Method involved extensive study with Master Trainer Magali Messac in Seattle. In 2001 he opened Vancouver's first GYROTONIC® studio, 'G Space' in collaboration with Kathleen McDonagh. In 2003 Cornelius moved to Florence Italy where he operated a highly successful GYROTONIC® studio until his resent return to Vancouver. In 2007 he was also certified as a GYROKINESIS® instructor and Pre-trainer in GYROTONIC®.